Owners Fed Up with Yelp’s Online Reviews

Are you trying to read the (fake?) newspaper article from our postcard mailer about Yelp and their treatment of businesses? Here it is in text form:

Business Owners Fed Up with Online Reviews –
Many Yelp for Help!


[pullquote]Business Owners Fed Up with Online Reviews – Many Yelp for Help! Sick of “one-star flamers,” or users who visit sites like Yelp just to write nasty stuff, owners are at their wit’s end. Some fight back with their own positive reviews, only to be hit by the Yelp filter. “Why do only the low rating reviews show up, when I have three times as many good ones?” asks Restaurant Group owner. Claims of extortion are rampant. When she inquired about a negative review full of inaccurate facts, Local Spa owner says Yelp told her “’Advertise with us, and we can help you with that’” But Yelp plays it cool. “Yelp is not and never has been a pay-to-play site,” Yelp spokeswoman say…. [/pullquote]



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