Why you need a Daily Deals Broker

Why you need a Daily Deal Broker:

Whether you are a repeat deal merchant or looking to test the Daily Deal waters, there is more to Daily Deals than just a big discount. Merchants need a Customized Deals Campaign, just like they would a marketing campaign. A Deals Campaign is marketing that work for your business, not only a deal site trying to build their audience.

Daily Deal Brokerage / Broadcasting
Why work with only one or a limited number of sites, when you can make your deal available to the widest array of publishers? Using market intelligence of past deals sales, an annual Deal marketing campaign can be assembled. Considerations include merchant’s average ticket, market demand, terms, timing and more.

      Deals Brokerage benefits include:


  • Save time, by eliminating multiple deals negotiations
  • Save money, by controlling deals splits
  • Save time, by eliminating ongoing deals negotiations
  • Gain visibility with consolidated reporting and tracking
  • Deals that are on message and support the brand


You are a merchant using Daily Deals. You are in the right place!

Daily Deals Broker

We know this about you:
You are being called by lots of random Daily Deals sites (publishers)
You want to use Daily Deals on a regular basis, but use them intelligently. And not break the bank.
You want to improve the overall “campaign” ROI, and so, you want to improve conversions of deals to repeat customers.
You are in the right spot! With us, you can have access to multiple services, with one point of contact, for less time & money.
We’re Daily Deals Broker – we assists merchants with Daily Deals on 90 sites including Yahoo, AOL and Facebook.
  • Are you running a Deal now, and have extra capacity? Call us; we’ll get it out to another publisher ASAP.
  • Are you looking for a way to track your redemptions and increase your conversions? Call us; we’ll give you the tools.
  • Are you looking at running your next deal, with no waiting? Call us; don’t wait.
  • Are you thinking you need to plan a year’s worth of Deals, like you would any marketing? Call us; we’ll also help get your ROI up.
Call (888) 993-9726 or complete the form at the right, to start a discussion about your Deal Campaign.
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